The article is part 1 for question 02 out of 05 of a series of responses to questions about environmental issues in Singapore. The questions are from a local secondary school.

Question 02: In your opinion, what are some of the societal limitations that Singapore is facing that prevents it from being a more environmentally-friendly city state?

This response is divided into Part 1 and Part II

Question 02 part I : The wicked problem

Continuing on Singapore’s climate change problem, whatever societal issues…

Tree planting volunteers Photo credit onemilliontrees movement by NParks

The article is part 01 out of 05 of a series of responses to questions about environmental issues in Singapore. The questions are from a local secondary school.

Question 01: What are some environmental challenges that Singapore is already facing/will likely face in this decade?

A couple of things to consider when we think about Singapore, environmental impact and time.

Time horizons — less certain in near…

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How to transform businesses to become more environmentally sustainable?

Modern corporations are one of the major forces contributing to environmental sustainability so the question is relevant. The tension between profits and environmental sustainability is real but it doesn’t mean that nothing can be done about it. The article begins with an introduction of the problem of environmental sustainability and…

Tuas link MRT station Photo credit Jon Chiang

When it comes to matching ambition with action, recently in Singapore there have been some positive signs that policy makers may be considering joining the growing number of developing countries, such as the US [2] and UK [7] , which are unveiling their ambitious climate plans. …

In Singapore, the Pulau Bukom Manufacturing Site will pivot from a crude oil-based product slate towards new, cleaner fuels. Photo credit : Straits Times

It’s great that Singapore Workers Party MP Jamus Lim has kicked off the debate on carbon tax and dividend. For those of you who get the impression that it’s not clear cut because it seems like there are two valid arguments on both sides, I would like to take this…

source :

The neuroscience of the differences in cognitive patterns between conservatives and liberals.

Neurological constraints for activists

Something that gets overlooked by many ambitious activists is the reality check of the neurological basis for the Overton window of what is politically possible in a democratic society based on majority rules, and furthermore the tactical messaging…

US Defence Secretary Mark Esper was fired by US President Donald Trump on November 9. Esper was seen as ready to communicate with China. Photo: AFP

For many of us, we all breathed a sigh of relief on 7 Nov at 11:25 AM EST when the AP called Pennsylvania and the US Presidential Election for Joe Biden (Slodysko, Brian 2020). …

Lower than expected turnout for Trump rally in Tulsa, OK in June 2020. Image credit Getty images

All figures are from this google spreadsheet with links to original sources from polls and the Early Vote Election Project by UF Michael McDonald

The state of the race : Biden +2.4%

The state of the race in FL with just 24 hours before polls close on election night at 20:00 EST can be accurately described as tight…

Miami FL Biden caravan 18 October : Photo credit Joe Raedle Getty images

Figures in this article and FL results tracking stored in this google spreadsheet

Florida is critical in the road to the White House

Florida is one of the most important battleground swing states for the 2020 election for two main reasons

  1. Large number of electoral votes — 29
  2. It will most likely be conclusive on election night because Florida counts…

To be able to tacking the greatest challenges of the 21st century including climate change and the erosion of democracy, we must embrace a realistic picture of who we are as humans. The good, the bad and the ugly.

David the Chimpanzee Photo credit BBC

Quote taken from video documentary “Unfit: The Psychology of Donald J…

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